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We’re in!

February 22, 2019: a day we will always remember. The day we finally got to move out of my parents’ house and back into a home of our own. Not just any home- our dream home, our forever home, our farm house. Living with one’s parents is a challenging experience, especially with two kids and two cats involved. I knew that Paul and I as adults would be happy to have our own space again, however, I underestimated the peace and happiness this would bring our children. The morning after our first night in the house, both kids awoke and played happily in their rooms. They did not venture to our side of the house to wake us up. We woke up at our own leisure. For real! It happened! What kind of craziness is that? Needless to say we all settled in nicely despite the week of straight rain and the minor appliance issues we had. Any little issues or needs that popped up paled in comparison the the fact that we could all now run like wild banshees down a really long straight away through the middle of the house.

So now that we’re in the house, what comes next? Great question. Wish I had a solid answer. Currently I have a to do list with no firm details on time, cost, or necessary materials. I know that I need to take advantage of spring for planting. I know that I need to practice maneuvering the tractor and its implements (I was corrected when I referred to them as attachments). I know that we need fences for animals. I know that we need a composting area. I know that I need to build a chicken coop. However, I also know that I have a full time job with 111 students to care for, two little ones that need my help on a daily basis, and a husband who will be travelling most of the spring. My grand ambitions will be in super slow motion until the end of May, but I am ok with that. After all, we’re not going anywhere. Until then it’s lists and research whenever possible. At least I have the inspiration around me and the view from my front porch to keep my eyes fixed on the future. So many plans, so many plans.

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